Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This "Greater" Journey

We are now in week four of the Greater Online Bible Study. In these short four weeks my life has changed so much. I mean, if you looked at my life four weeks ago, and then took a look at it today, on the surface not much looks different. I still live in the same house, in the same state and I still have my normal daily routine, for the most part. So nothing drastic has changed on the outside, not yet anyway, it’s more within. The change I’m talking about has happened within me-my heart, my mind, my spirit and soul are refreshed and renewed.

Last week I was unable to make my weekly post reflecting on the weeks study, “Digging Ditches”. It gave me a lot to think about-“What ditches do I need to begin digging in order to have a greater life and to do greater things? I had already discovered what had been holding me back all this time, that being the fear of not being good enough. So, now that I’m on the road to letting go of this fear and putting complete faith and hope in my Savior, I am learning and most importantly, listening to what small steps God is calling me to take.  As I thought about this I realized there are several ditches that need digging in my life in order to take those steps of faith that will lead the way to greater things.

1.       Digging the Ditch of Prayer: I need to begin praying for those in my life who are lost. I know who they are and occasionally I remember them in prayer, especially if I’ve spoken with them recently. But I don’t want to remember them every once in a while. I want to remember them every day. I want to lift them up in prayer always. God put them in my life for a reason, they mean the world to me and I should cherish them and thank God for them. I will pray for their protection and pray that one day they will come to seek God and live their lives glorifying Him.

2.      Digging the Ditch of Trust and Faith: Here I am letting go of my fear. I’m not listening to that little voice of negativity anymore and I am believing in the greater things within me and around me. 

3.     Digging the Ditch of Sharing my Faith: I’ve come to realize that for a while the Lord has been pushing me to be more open with my faith-to truly share my experiences and what my life has been like in my walk with Christ. This whole time, I’ve pulled back, in fear of rejection, of people thinking I’m weird, or of losing my friends, possibly even family.
I’m going for it-I’m not letting fear hold me back any longer. Like I said in my prior post, I know this isn’t going to be easy. I wish fear had a switch, but it doesn’t. This is going to take a lot of prayer, a lot trust and a lot of faith. Every day, since beginning this journey, I’ve felt myself become stronger and more at peace. I’m so thankful to God for leading me here.

 Many Blessings,


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