Monday, March 4, 2013

MBM: Selflessly Compassionate

Hurts, irritations, unmet needs-life is full of them. How ironic it is that marriage often magnifies these things. For example, we might quickly forget a passing critical comment from a coworker, but we remember the same comment for days-or longer- if it comes from our spouse.  And if a casual friend shows a lack of interest in our conversation, we probably think nothing of it. But if our spouse fails to give us undivided attention, look out!
We often ask questions that make our spouse’s hurts worse, such as, “Why is my spouse feeling this way?” “Is my spouse overreacting?” or “Would I feel the same in an identical situation?” when we should be asking, “How could I be more compassionate toward my spouse when he or she is upset, sad, or anxious?” (The One Year Devotions for Couples).
One thing my husband is, is compassionate. Compassionate towards all people, but especially me. What I’ve always admired about him is the way he puts himself in another’s situations before making any kind of judgment. When he and I got married I left behind a lot-my schooling, my job, my family and friends-in order to start our married life in Wyoming. All was left in Oklahoma as I was making the move to Wyoming to begin a brand new life with my husband. Though I couldn’t have asked for more-I was marrying my best friends, the love of my life-it was still a hard move and a huge adjustment. During my most difficult times of adjustments –and I had a few-my husband was always there in a compassionate and sympathetic manner. He put himself in my position and imagined what I must me going through. I know, for a fact, that if he had not shown this kind compassion I wouldn’t have made it as long as I have.
It’s so important to show your spouse you care and understand. That you know their hurt, irritation, sadness, or anxiety isn’t about you, but about them. I encourage you to make a point to show them God’s compassion and love through you.
What can you do today to show true, selfless compassion to your spouse?
Many Blessings,


  1. You hit the nail right on the head for me. I sometimes wonder why I am so hard on C? Or why something he does irratates me more than if anyone else every did such a little thing. And then I always come back to realizing that HE is my number one supporter through thick and thin he will be their for me. I know the Lord calls us to be compassion and show love to everyone but it is so important to do for our spouse. Thanks for sharing this Rach and helping us realize how important this truly is. LOVE YOUR HEART!

  2. Awe, I love this. There should be more posts like this floating around, and less crafty how-tos. I'd love it if you would share @ Tell Me Tuesdays Today.

  3. Such an inspired post. Women constantly overthink things. Yet, we often fail to be compassionate to the one we love the most. My Beloved is also very compassionate concerning my feelings.

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