Monday, March 18, 2013

Marital Bliss Monday: Praying for Our Husbands

My husband and I always take time praying together. It’s a moment out of the day when he and I, together, are connected with God thanking Him for our many blessings, thanking Him for bringing us together. We seek His guidance and direction, and we praise Him for leading us through not only times of need, but times of joy and happiness. Praying together can strengthen a marriage tremendously, and it’s amazing to see how close you become as couple. Though praying together is very important, praying for each other is just as important.
Praying for one another also brings you closer. You begin to see changes in each other-good changes- changes that only God can make within someone. I know my husband’s worries, his concerns, his fears, his hopes and dreams. I know how badly he wants to make a great life for us and our future family. I know how hard he works, and though most of the time he comes across confident and emotionally strong, I have to also know there are times when he’s tired and weak.
As his wife, it is my duty to lift my husband up in prayer. I know his struggles and it’s my responsibility to pray The Lord covers him in a calming peace, the kind of peace that only comes from Jesus Christ. I pray for his protection, that he seeks God in all he does and that he’s given the strength needed to get through any situation that comes his way. When I pray, I’m at peace because I know God is in complete control. When I pray, I not only see changes within my husband, but I notice changes within me as well.
Ladies, let’s remember to always lift our husbands up in prayer. Let us pray for their strength and guidance through Jesus. Pray that their worries and concerns disappear and that they receive peace in their hearts.
Happy Monday, friends.
Many Blessings,


  1. Really beautiful reminder Rachael. Prayer does bring us closer together. I'm always blessed by hearing my husband pour his heart out to the Lord.
    Thanks for linking up with Marriage Moment at Great Peace Academy.

  2. This one hits home for me because I'm reminded of how my husband and I don't pray together enough. We normally start out really strong, praying everyday and then life kinda steals the show and it falls by the wayside. Thank you for reminding me why we do it and thanks for linking up!

    Christy Joy

  3. Wonderful reminder of what we, as wives need to be pursuing. I like how you highlighted that with contined prayer you'll begin to notice changes - that's a blessing!

  4. You are so right and what a great reminder. Sometimes we become so busy that we forget how important it is to lift our husband's up in prayer. When I pray for him, he always knows I'm praying for him...he can feel it.

    Fawn @ Happy Wives Club