Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Clever Container Blogger's Party

It’s time for my first Clever Container Blogger Party! I’m really excited about this, and I think you’ll enjoy it to. Please help me spread the word by grabbing the button below! The party begins today and will close at 10PM on Saturday! I’ll share with you how this works, but first I thought I'd share with you some of my client’s favorite items from my Clever Container and Organizing class I held last week. 
Document Boxes: A client said she wasn't fond of a filing system, but thought these boxes would be great for keeping her paper work organized. These boxes come in a set of five and I love the fun colors! If you've got kiddos at home, these would be great for keeping their school work in one convenient place.
Peek-a-Boo! I See You: Another client said she was looking for something to keep her large variety of hair clips. I suggested she use the Peek-a-Boo box and she loved the idea! This box consists of eight removable compartments so you can customize your box for other things such as eyeglasses, electronic cords, craft supplies and much more!
Project Board: I love to use this for magazines. It consists of seven pockets for seven days of the week, seven projects, or seven family members. However you wish to use it, I'm sure it will quickly become your go-to organizer for all your needs. 
Flip Flop File: This can be used for magazines, t-shirts, small clutches, rolled baby blankets, diapers, children's clothing, yarn or flip flops. I had a client purchase this for her t-shirts. 
Now for a little Before and After: Here was my makeshift "belt holder" with a hanger and shower curtain hooks. It worked, but the belts would slide and bunch up on one end-it would get frustrating.
Here is the Clever Container Belt Hanger that could also be used for camies or nighties.
I used it to solve my belt problem. Now my belts are neatly hung in my closet and easily accessible.
This is one of my favorite items from Clever Container, it's the Wraprack. I love it because it hangs on the inside of a cabinet door saving drawer space.
I love all of our products for the kitchen. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, and anything that helps me get my kitchen space more organized, I'm all for it!
Here is our February Special: Qualify to purchase our exclusive OTD Pantry Organizer for $17 (regularly $30) when you purchase $50 in regular priced Clever Container products. Limit 1 per customer.
Okay, so here is how this works:

The party begins today and closes at 10PM on Saturday!
(All orders will be processed on Saturday at 10PM)
When you're ready to shop, please click on the "Shop Clever Container" button below.
 Once you are on the Clever Container webpage, you'll want to click “Shop Now”.
Next, you will be able to see all the products we have under “Product Categories”. You can then choose products and “add to your bag”. Once you have completed your shopping, click on “view bag and check out”.

If you are a NEW customer, you will select “New Customer” and click continue (most of you will be new customers). There you will enter all your information and select a password.
The next screen is where you can add your order to a party by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting BLOGGER’S party under “Add order to a Party”. Last, enter your CC info and select “Process Order”. That’s it! Now you'll be on your way to a more organized you and a living a life organized!
Happy Shopping!

Have questions? Please leave me a comment. I'd love to help you!
Please help spread the word by grabbing a button!

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  1. Awesome Rach!! Can't wait to make some purchases!! Shared the button on my blog too!! XO