Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nuckolls' Christmas Fun!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a great weekend. I wanted to post this yesterday, but got really caught up in the ‘Greater’ Online Bible Study that I’m participating in. This is such as great book; you should really check it out! Anyway, that’s why I’m a day late with my weekend post. God’s Word first, right?
For the Nuckolls’, our weekend was filled with Christmas fun! We started the weekend off by going to the 5th Annual holiday tradition of Light Up Lander. It’s a community food drive that’s held on Main Street. The town comes together to donate canned food items, they raffle off kid’s bikes and they light the big Christmas tree. It was our first year to join in on the festivities and we had a great time.

Saturday we began our day early. We had big plans to decorate the house for Christmas. In Wyoming, for $8 you can actually go into the forest and cut down your Christmas tree. Although, we had already put up an artificial tree for this year, we weren’t going to pass up the opportunity to actually go out into the forest and cut down a tree. We decided we would choose a smaller tree and use its branches for holiday decor around the house.  Here’s what we came up with, and there’s possibly more to come…
First, we had to find the perfect tree...on the hunt in the Shoshone National Forest
This is it, we found our tree!
Then we, or he had to cut it down...I helped...a little :)
Now, on to the house, it's time to decorate!

Here are a few of things we did with our little tree. From its branches we added some greenery and a rustic look to our centerpiece; we made a wreath to hang above our garage; we placed branches on top of our banister and added a little lighting; and finally we placed its branches and pine cones on top of our cupboard to give it a more rustic look as well.

We finished decorating our tree and added a few lights to the front porch.

I added a little holiday cheer around the house by putting candy and Christmas bulbs in jars, framing and displaying our 'first' Christmas card, and decorating these plates I bought at the Dollar Tree with our initial and red chargers. In addition to all the fun, it wouldn't have been complete with chocolate chip cookies and Christmas Vacation on the television. This was such a fun day!

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  1. Love all your decorations!! You guys did such a fantastic job! I still can't believe you could pay $8 and cut down any tree! That is awesome. Love all your DIY projects too! XO